Amazon Review- Car Seat Cover for Dogs

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I love this cover for my back seat. I bought a medium sized new car on July 4th weekend and as much as I love to take my puppies out and let the in the car with me, I have nice new seats that I would prefer to protect from hair and dirt and gosh knows what else my dogs will do to my car.
They did seem a bit hesitant to use the backseat, not only because they want to sit in front with me, but because they aren’t used to anything like this. After a small amount of time, they warmed up to it though. Over time, they have really come to love having their own space. It protects them a little bit if I need to make a quick stop. But, more than anything it protects my seats from their dirty paws.

I received this product at a promotional discount for the exchange of an honest and unbiased review. The views expressed are my own.

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